Ecolabel Certification

Ecolabel Certification Type I

Ecolabel certification is certification on a product that takes into account the principles of environmental stewardship where the focus of the assessment includes the use of raw materials, environmental management, energy and the use of packaging.


Our ecolabel certification scheme is:

-Sheet glass

-Ceramic tiles

-Wall paint

-Powder detergent


For rights and obligations and other rules contained in the certification agreement below:

Certification Agreement


Ecolabel Certification Type II

Ecolabel certification Type II or self-declaration is a company’s initial claim for a product that meets certain environmental aspects. With the Ecolabel Type II or Self-Declaration Certification, it is evident that the company is committed to fulfilling the environmental aspects that have been determined

Our Ecolabel Verification Body registration certificate is as follows:

Registration certificate Ecolabel Verification Body of IAPMO Group Indonesia

The ecolabel certification scheme we have is:

-Ecolabel of Laundry Services

-Ecolabel of Concrete

-Ecolabel of Food Packaging

-Ecolabel of Washing and Cleaning Agents

-Ecolabel of Sanitary and Fittings