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 Press Releases

2018-07-05 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia APPIN Awareness Event.pdf2018-07-05 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia APPIN Awareness Event
2018-01-04 PT IAPMO Group SNI 03-0797-2006 Seated Water Closet.pdf2018-01-04 PT IAPMO Group SNI 03-0797-2006 Seated Water Closet
2017-11-14 PT IAPMO Group GPCI MoU.pdf2017-11-14 PT IAPMO Group GPCI MoU
2017-11-11 CPC-2017 Bahasa.pdf2017-11-11 CPC-2017 Bahasa
2017-11-07 CPC2017 Construction Week.pdf2017-11-07 CPC2017 Construction Week
2017-09-18 PT IAPMO Group Recognized Laboratory.pdf2017-09-18 PT IAPMO Group Recognized Laboratory
2017-03-31 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Education Conference.pdf2017-03-31 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Education Conference
2017-03-30 CPC2017 Announcement.pdf2017-03-30 CPC2017 Announcement
2017-03-20 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia WPD.pdf2017-03-20 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia WPD
2017-01-23 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Accreditation.pdf2017-01-23 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Accreditation
2016-05-25 IAPMO Indonesia SNI 8153 events.pdf2016-05-25 IAPMO Indonesia SNI 8153 events
2016-05-19 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Grand Opening.pdf2016-05-19 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Grand Opening
2016-05-17 IAPMO SNI 8153-2015 English.pdf2016-05-17 IAPMO SNI 8153-2015 English
2016-03-21 IAPMO World Water Day.pdf2016-03-21 IAPMO World Water Day
2015-03-23 IAPMO Indonesia WPD SNI Event.pdf2015-03-23 IAPMO Indonesia WPD SNI Event
2015-09-25 IAPMO RT Dewi Promoted.pdf2015-09-25 IAPMO RT Dewi Promoted
2013-10-03 APEC CEO Summit.pdf2013-10-03 APEC CEO Summit
2014-03-17 IAPMO Indonesia WPD events.pdf2014-03-17 IAPMO Indonesia WPD events
2013-08-28 International Trade Administration Award.pdf2013-08-28 International Trade Administration Award
2013-09-03 IAPMO MDCP Grant.pdf2013-09-03 IAPMO MDCP Grant
2013-04-05 IAPMO BSN UPC Indonesia.pdf2013-04-05 IAPMO BSN UPC Indonesia
2013-07-01 IAPMO Indonesia Regulatory Workshop.pdf2013-07-01 IAPMO Indonesia Regulatory Workshop
2012-09-24 IAPMO BSN.pdf2012-09-24 IAPMO BSN
2008-02-01 IAPMO-BSN Indonesia.pdf2008-02-01 IAPMO-BSN Indonesia